Timoshenko in 2003

Daria Timoshenko (born August 1, 1980 in Moscow) is a Russian Azerbaijani Figure skater. Competing for Russia, she was the 1999 World Junior champion. She began competing for Azerbaijan in 2000, and was a 3-time national champion there.[1]

Timoshenko married ice dancer Igor Lukanin in 2000.[1]

Her coaches included Igor Rusakov and Marina Selitskaia. [2] She retired after the 2005-2006 competitive season.

Results Edit

For Russia Edit

Event 1998–1999 1999–2000
Junior Worlds 1st 8th
Russian Championships 8th

For Azerbaijan Edit

Event 2001–02 2002–03 2003–04 2004–05 2005–06
Worlds 31st 29th 19th QR
Europeans 12th 12th 8th
Cup of Russia 9th
Golden Spin 5th 8th 4th
Karl Schäfer 13th
Nebelhorn 5th
Ondrej Nepela 4th
Skate Israel 2nd
Azerbaijani 1st 1st 1st
QR = Qualifying round


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