Evgenia Gerasimova, FS, 3rd Cup of Russia 201104:55

Evgenia Gerasimova, FS, 3rd Cup of Russia 2011

Evegenia Gerasimova's free skate at the 3rd Cup of Russia 2011. She placed 3rd in the competition.

Evgenia (Jenya) Gerasimova (b. 2 January 1998) is a Russian ladies figure skater from St. Petersburg, who competes internationally as junior and has been a member of Team Russia since 2011. Her coach is Alina Pisarenko.

Competitive HistoryEdit

(as senior)

(as junior)

  • 2013 Russian Junior Nationals -- 8th (161.79)
  • 2012 ISU JGP Lake Placid -- 4th (145.68)
  • 2012 ISU JGP Sencila Bled Cup -- 3rd (142.93)
  • 2012 Russian Junior Nationals -- 9th
  • 2011 Junior Cup of Russia Final -- 3rd
  • 2011 Junior Cup of Russia II -- 4th (SP 2nd, FS 6th, 137.10)
  • 2010 Junior Cup of Russia III -- 10th (SP 7th, FS 9th, 115.95)


  • 2012/2013
    • SP: The Barber of Seville (G. Rossini)
    • LP: Symphony No. 5 (Beethoven)

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