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Flags are often specified with either Pantone or CMYK colours (for printing), for which the corresponding RGB screen colours are often a "best guess" (as was the case on previous versions of this image file). This version uses the official RGB colours as specified in the Australian Government's Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers. Please see the talk page for more discussion about the flag colours.

Official Colours
Pantone CMYK RGB Hex
280C Cyan = 100%
Magenta = 80%
Yellow = 0%
Black = 0%
Red = 0
Green = 0
Blue = 139
White Cyan = 0%
Magenta = 0%
Yellow = 0%
Black = 0%
Red = 255
Green = 255
Blue = 255
185C Cyan = 0%
Magenta = 100%
Yellow = 100%
Black = 0%
Red = 255
Green = 0
Blue = 0

Coordinates and Pantone colours via Australian Flag Template
CMYK and Web Colours via Style Manual for Authors, Editors and Printers
SVG Format based on version of 02-Feb-2006, drawn by User:Dbenbenn

Calculated via BC (Arbitrary Precision Calculator) to 50 decimals, rounded to 42 decimals. Resulting image can be accurately scaled to the size of the known universe.

Other version
See Image:Flag of Australia (converted).svg for the flag in colours matching this chart.