The Four Continents Figure Skating Championships (4CC) is an annual Figure skating competition. The International Skating Union established it in 1999 to provide skaters representing non-European countries with a similar competition to the much older European Figure Skating Championships and a chance to win prize money. The four continents of the event's name refer to the Americas, Asia, Africa, and Australia (four of the continents represented in the Olympic rings, omitting Europe). Skaters compete in the categories of men's singles, ladies singles, pairs, and Ice dancing.


Skaters qualify for the Four Continents Championships by belonging to a non-European Member nation of the ISU. Each Member country can enter three skaters/teams in each discipline.

Which skaters from each country attend the Four Continents Championships is at the discretion of the respective national governing body. As with the other senior ISU Championships, skaters must be older than fifteen as of July 1 the previous year to compete.

The following countries are eligible to send skaters to the competition: Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Chinese Taipei, D.P.R. Korea, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Republic of Korea, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, United States of America, and Uzbekistan.



Men's Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1999 Halifax Takeshi Honda Li Chengjiang Elvis Stojko
2000 Osaka Elvis Stojko Li Chengjiang Zhang Min
2001 Salt Lake City Li Chengjiang Takeshi Honda Michael Weiss (figure skater)
2002 Jeonju Jeffrey Buttle Takeshi Honda Gao Song
2003 Beijing Takeshi Honda Zhang Min Li Chengjiang
2004 Hamilton Jeffrey Buttle Emanuel Sandhu Evan Lysacek
2005 Gangneung Evan Lysacek Li Chengjiang Daisuke Takahashi
2006 Colorado Springs Nobunari Oda Christopher Mabee Matthew Savoie
2007 Colorado Springs Evan Lysacek Jeffrey Buttle Jeremy Abbott
2008 Goyang City Daisuke Takahashi Jeffrey Buttle Evan Lysacek
2009 Vancouver


Ladies Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1999 Halifax Tatiana Malinina Amber Corwin Angela Nikodinov
2000 Osaka Angela Nikodinov Stacey Pensgen Annie Bellemare
2001 Salt Lake City Fumie Suguri Angela Nikodinov Yoshie Onda
2002 Jeonju Jennifer Kirk Shizuka Arakawa Yoshie Onda
2003 Beijing Fumie Suguri Shizuka Arakawa Yukari Nakano
2004 Hamilton Yukina Ota Cynthia Phaneuf Amber Corwin
2005 Gangneung Fumie Suguri Yoshie Onda Jennifer Kirk
2006 Colorado Springs Katy Taylor Yukari Nakano Beatrisa Liang
2007 Colorado Springs Kimmie Meissner Emily Hughes Joannie Rochette
2008 Goyang City Mao Asada Joannie Rochette Miki Ando
2009 Vancouver Kim Yu-Na Joannie Rochette Mao Asada


Pairs Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1999 Halifax Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo Kristy Sargeant / Kris Wirtz Danielle Hartsell / Steve Hartsell
2000 Osaka Jamie Salé / David Pelletier Kyoko Ina / John Zimmerman Tiffany Scott / Philip Dulebohn
2001 Salt Lake City Jamie Salé / David Pelletier Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo Kyoko Ina / John Zimmerman
2002 Jeonju Pang Qing / Tong Jian Anabelle Langlois / Patrice Archetto Zhang Dan / Zhang Hao
2003 Beijing Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo Pang Qing / Tong Jian Zhang Dan / Zhang Hao
2004 Hamilton Pang Qing / Tong Jian Zhang Dan / Zhang Hao Valerie Marcoux / Craig Buntin
2005 Gangneung Zhang Dan / Zhang Hao Pang Qing / Tong Jian Kathryn Orscher / Garrett Lucash
2006 Colorado Springs Rena Inoue / John Baldwin (skater) Utako Wakamatsu / Jean-Sebastien Fecteau Elizabeth Putnam / Sean Wirtz
2007 Colorado Springs Shen Xue / Zhao Hongbo Pang Qing / Tong Jian Rena Inoue / John Baldwin (skater)
2008 Goyang City Pang Qing / Tong Jian Zhang Dan / Zhang Hao Brooke Castile / Benjamin Okolski
2009 Vancouver

Ice DancingEdit

Cumulative medal countEdit


1 3 4 1 8
1 1 4 3 8
2 4 2 1 7
2 2 0 5 7


1 4 4 4 12
2 4 4 3 11
3 0 2 2 4
4 1 0 0 1


1 7 6 2 15
2 1 1 6 8
3 2 3 2 7

Ice DancingEdit

1 5 7 5 17
2 5 3 5 13


1 12 12 20 44
2 10 12 10 32
3 8 10 5 23
4 8 6 4 18
5 1 0 0 1


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