Peter Carruthers (born July 22, 1959 in Boston, Massachusetts) is an American retired Pair skater. He competed with his adopted sister Kitty Carruthers. They are four-time U.S. national champions and the 1984 Winter Olympics silver medalist. They retired from competitive skating following winning their Olympic silver medal and skated professionally.

Since retiring from professional skating, Carruthers has worked as a skating analyst for the Fox, ABC, and ESPN television networks.

Competitive highlightsEdit

(with Carruthers)


  • U.S. Championships - 2nd
  • Olympics - 5th


  • U.S. Championships - 1st


  • U.S. Championships - 1st
  • World Championships - 3rd


  • U.S. Championships - 1st


  • U.S. Championships - 1st
  • Olympics - 2nd


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