The World Junior Figure Skating Championships ("World Juniors" or "Junior Worlds") is an annual figure skating competition sanctioned by the International Skating Union, in which younger figure skaters compete for the title of World Junior Champion. The ISU guidelines for junior eligibility have varied throughout the years; the current requirements are for the competitor to have reached the age of 13 by the previous July 1st, but not yet 19, except for men competing in pair skating and ice dancing, where the upper limit is 21.

This event is one of the four annual ISU figure skating Championships and is considered the most prestigious international competition for juniors. Skaters compete in the categories of men, ladies, pairs, and ice dancing.


The first World Junior Figure Skating Championships were held in March, 1976 in Megève, France, and were originally named the "ISU Junior Figure Skating Championships". In 1977 the championships were held again under the same name at the same place. In 1978 these championships were officially renamed the "World Junior Figure Skating Championships", and held once again in Megève. Since then, the location has changed each year.

Since 2000, the competition has generally been held in early March, but for some years previously it was held in late November or early December of the previous calendar year.


Skaters qualify for the World Junior Championships by belonging to a Member nation of the ISU. Each country gets one entry in every discipline by default. The most entries a country can have in a single discipline is three. Countries earn a second or third entry for the following year's competition by earning points through skater placement. The points are equal to the sum of the placements of the country's skaters (top two if they have three). Entries do not carry over and so countries must continue to earn their second or third spot every year. If a country only has one skater/team, that skater/team must place in the top ten to earn a second entry and in the top two to earn three entries to next year's championships. If a country has two skaters/teams, the combined placement of those teams must be 13 or less to qualify 3 entries, and 28 or less to keep their two entries. If they do not do so, they only have one entry for the following year.

There are exceptions if a skater is forced to withdraw in the middle of the competition due to a medical emergency or equipment problems.

Which skaters from each country attend the World Junior Championships is at the national governing body's discretion. Some countries rely on the results of their national championships while others have more varied criteria. Selections vary by country.



Men's Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
1976 Megève, FRA Mark Cockerell (USA) Takaski Mura (JPN) Brian Pockar (CAN)
1977 Megève, FRA Daniel Beland (CAN) Mark Pepperday (GBR) Richard Furrer (SUI)
1978 Megève, FRA Dennis Coi (CAN) Vladimir Kotin (URS) Brian Boitano (USA)
1979 Augsburg, FRG Vitali Egorov (URS) Bobby Beauchamp (USA) Alexandr Fadeev (URS)
1980 Megève, FRA Alexandr Fadeev (URS) Vitali Egorov (URS) Falko Kirsten (GDR)
1981 Ontario, CAN Paul Wylie (USA) Juri Bureiko (URS) Scott Williams (USA)
1982 Oberstdorf, FRG Scott Williams (USA) Paul Guerrero (USA) Alexander König (GDR)
1983 Sarajevo, YUG Christopher Bowman (USA) Philippe Roncoli (FRA) Nils Köpp (GDR)
1984 Sapporo, JPN Viktor Petrenko (URS) Marc Ferland (CAN) Tom Cierniak (USA)
1985 Colorado Springs, USA Erik Larson (USA) Vladimir Petrenko (URS) Rudy Galindo (USA)
1986 Sarajevo, YUG Vladimir Petrenko (URS) Rudy Galindo (USA) Yuri Tsimbaliuk (URS)
1987 Kitchener, CAN Rudy Galindo (USA) Todd Eldredge (USA)

Yuri Tsimbaliuk (URS)

1988 Brisbane, AUS Todd Eldredge (USA) Viacheslav Zagorodniuk (URS) Yuri Tsimbaliuk (URS)
1989 Sarajevo, YUG Viacheslav Zagorodniuk (URS) Shepherd Clark (USA) Masakazu Kagiyama (JPN)
1990 Colorado Springs, USA Igor Pashkevich (URS) Alexei Urmanov (URS) John Baldwin, Jr. (USA)
1991 Budapest, HUN Vasili Eremenko (URS) Alexander Abt (URS) Nicolas Petorin (FRA)
1992 Hull, CAN Dmitry Dmitrenko (URS) Konstantin Kostin (URS) Damon Allen (USA)
1993 Seoul, KOR Evgeni Pliuta (UKR) Michael Weiss (USA) Ilia Kulik (RUS)
1994 Colorado Springs, USA Michael Weiss (USA) Naoki Shigematsu (JPN) Jere Michael (USA)
1995 Budapest, HUN Ilia Kulik (RUS) Thierry Cerez (FRA)

Seiichi Suzuki (JPN)

1996 Brisbane, AUS Alexei Yagudin (RUS) Takeshi Honda (JPN)

Zhengxin Guo (CHN)

1997 Seoul, KOR Evgeni Plushenko (RUS) Timothy Goebel (USA)

Zhengxin Guo (CHN)

1998 St. John, CAN Derrick Delmore (USA) Sergei Davydov (RUS) Yunfei Li (CHN)
1999 Zagreb, CRO Ilia Klimkin (RUS) Vincent Restencourt (FRA) Yoshuke Takeuchi (JPN)
2000 Oberstdorf, GER Stefan Lindemann (GER) Vincent Restencourt (FRA) Matthew Savoie (USA)
2001 Sofia, BUL Johnny Weir (USA) Evan Lysacek (USA) Vincent Restencourt (FRA)
2002 Hamar, NOR Daisuke Takahashi (JPN) Kevin van der Perren (BEL) Stanislav Timchenko (RUS)
2003 Ostrava, CZE Alexander Shubin (RUS) Evan Lysacek (USA) Alban Preaubert (FRA)
2004 The Hague, NED Andrei Griazev (RUS) Evan Lysacek (USA) Jordan Brauninger (USA)
2005 Kitchener, CAN Nobunari Oda (JPN) Yannick Ponsero (FRA) Sergei Dobrin (FRA)
2006 Ljubljana, SLO Takahiko Kozuka (JPN) Sergei Voronov (RUS) Yannick Ponsero (FRA)
2007 Oberstdorf, GER Stephen Carriere (USA) Patrick Chan (CAN) Sergei Voronov (RUS)
2008 Sofia, BUL Adam Rippon (USA) Artem Borodulin (RUS) Jinlin Guan (CHN)
2009 Sofia, BUL Adam Rippon (USA) Michal Brezina (CZE) Artem Grigoriev (RUS)
2010 The Hague, NED Yuzuru Hanyu (JPN) Nan Song (CHN) Artur Gachinski (RUS)
2011 Gangneug, KOR Andrei Rogozine (CAN) Keiji Tanaka (JPN) Alexander Majorov (SWE)
2012 Minsk, BLR Han Yan (CHN) Joshua Farris (USA) Jason Brown (USA)
2013 Milano, ITA Joshua Farris (USA) Jason Brown (USA) Shotaro Omori (USA)
2014 Sofia, BUL Nam Nguyen (CAN) Adian Pitkeev (RUS) Nathan Chen (USA)
2015 Talinn, EST Shoma Uno (JPN) Boyang Jin (CHN) Sota Yamamot0 (JPN)
2016 Debrecen, HUN Daniel Samohin (ISR) Nicolas Nadeau (CAN) Tomoki Hiwatashi (USA)
2017 Taipei, TAI Vincent Zhou (USA) Dmitri Aliev (RUS) Alexander Samarin (RUS)


Ladies' Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2001 Sofia, BUL Kristina Oblasova (RUS) Ann Patrice McDonough (USA) Susannah Poykio (FIN)
2002 Hamar, NOR Ann Patrice McDonough (USA) Yukari Nakano (JPN) Miki Ando (JPN)
2003 Ostrava, CZE Yukina Ota (JPN) Miki Ando (JPN) Carolina Kostner (ITA)
2004 The Hague, NED Miki Ando (JPN) Kimmie Meissner (USA) Katy Taylor (USA)
2005 Kitchener, CAN Mao Asada (JPN) Kim Yu-Na (KOR) Emily Hughes (USA)
2006 Ljubljana, SLO Kim Yu-Na (KOR) Mao Asada (JPN) Christine Zukowski (USA)
2007 Oberstdorf, GER Caroline Zhang (USA) Mirai Nagasu (USA) Ashley Wagner (USA)
2008 Sofia, BUL Rachael Flatt (USA) Caroline Zhang (USA) Mirai Nagasu (USA)
2009 Sofia, BUL Alena Leonova (RUS) Caroline Zhang (USA) Ashley Wagner (USA)
2010 The Hague, NED Kanako Murakami (JPN) Agnes Zawadzki (USA) Polina Agafonova (RUS)
2011 Gangneug, KOR Adelina Sotnikova (RUS) Elizaveta Tuktamisheva (RUS) Agnes Zawadzki (USA)
2012 Minsk, BLR Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) Gracie Gold (USA) Adelina Sotnikova (RUS)
2013 Milano, ITA Elena Radionova (RUS) Julia Lipnitskaia (RUS) Anna Pogorilaya (RUS)
2014 Sofia, BUL Elena Radionova (RUS) Serafima Sakhanovich (RUS) Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS)
2015 Talinn, EST Evgenia Medvedeva (RUS) Serafima Sakhanovich (RUS) Wakaba Higuchi (JPN)
2016 Debrecen, HUN Marin Honda (JPN) Maria Sotskova (RUS) Wakaba Higuchi (JPN)
2017 Taipei, TAI Alina Zagitova (RUS) Marin Honda (JPN) Kaori Sakamoto (JPN)


Pairs Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2017 Taipei, TAI Ekaterina Alexandrovskaya/ Harley Windosr (AUS) Aleksandra Boikova/Dmitrii Kozlovskii (RUS) Yumeng Gao/Zhong Xie (CHN)

Ice DancingEdit

Ice Dance Medalists
Year Location Gold Silver Bronze
2017 Taipei, TAI Rachel Parsons/Michael Parsons (USA) Alla Loboda/Pavel Drozd (RUS) Christina Carreira/Anthony Ponomarenko (USA)

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